Hen House Nest Box

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All products will be chosen by our crew and may include exclusive designs or colors. 

Picture provided is just an example of what a Nest Box might contain. 

If you order ON OR BEFORE THE 15TH of the month you will receive the current Nest Box.

If you order AFTER THE 15TH of the month you will be charged at the time of purchase, however, when you receive your Nest Box the following month, you will not be charged for that month. 

Boxes will be priced at $49, but will have a total retail value over $65. 

The Nest Boxes will ship on the third Friday of every month; you will receive tracking information when your box ships. 

You may cancel your Nest Box at anytime.

Any Cancelations, Holds, or Changes to your account can be managed through the email that you will receive after purchasing your Nest Box

No Exchanges or Returns allowed. 

*If you choose to purchase other items at the same time that you sign up for the nest box, they will be shipped together - please make separate purchases if you would like your additional items sooner!

If you have an account through our rewards program, The Hen House, then you will receive points with each box purchased. 

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