Register Your JH Product

Why register my bag? Registering your bag certifies its authenticity and marks the bag as your own. 

Thank you for registering your JH product! You can find the Registration form via the link here:  Register My JH Product

If you are not the original owner (you purchased this item from someone else, or were gifted the item) please fill out our Change of Registration form HERE. 

Serial Numbers are located on the tag inside of the JH item.  You will see a QR Code, Jill's Homestead, and a set of numbers.  This is the serial number and must be entered exactly as the number appears on your tag. Serial numbers prior to February 1st, 2022 are not able to be registered. Purchase a serial number for each handbag item you already have prior to Feb 2022. You may purchase a tag HERE.

If you have found a lost or stolen bag, please email us at to reunite this bag with the owner.