Custom All Smooth Limited Offering



Here is your opportunity to get the color of bag you've been wanting, with the straps, hardware, fringe, and all the smooth leather matching pieces that you've been dreaming about! 

We don't typically offer swapping out straps, hardware, adding fringe, or other changes for a lot of reasons, but for a limited time, we are giving you the opportunity to get the smooth set of your dreams! 

Please Read Thoroughly before purchasing a spot. 

*Please do not message customer service with questions until reading below* It may answer your questions. *

This customization listing does require some familiarity with our handbag collection, leather colors, and options.  Please look through our website and familiarize yourself with the options before securing a spot. 

We do not create new styles for custom orders, we only customize current styles we carry. Therefore, we won't offer adding/taking away pockets, straps etc.  However you CAN add other items from the website to your order - i.e. specialty straps, etc.  We are happy to recommend a great option. 

There will only be a limited number of spots open.  One spot = one custom bag and up to 3 accessories including carly clutch, wallets, catchalls, and smaller items to coordinate.  

The $50 custom fee is non-refundable, non-transferable and does not apply towards the cost of your customized Jill's Homestead bag.  If the leather you are hoping to have on your smooth bag is unavailable or not able to be used on the style of choice, your custom fee will be refunded in full. 

If we do not hear from you within 24 hours of purchasing a time slot - we will assume you are forfeiting your custom bag.  Please take the time to check spam and promotions folders, and if you haven't heard from us, please send us a message to to inquire kindly about the status of your custom.

All custom bag/accessory invoices must be paid within 24 hours after invoice has been sent. 

We reserve the right to refuse to fill your custom order if you have not made a final decision or paid invoice within 24 hours of purchasing your custom bag slot. No exceptions.

We do not hold custom orders to wait on new smooth leather shipments, as the wait can be weeks to months.  Please understand that only the listed options are available. 

We do not create new styles for custom orders, we only customize current styles we carry. Therefore, we won't offer adding/taking away pockets, straps etc.  However you CAN add other items from the website to your order - i.e. specialty straps, etc.  We are happy to recommend a great option. 

We do not accept returns or exchanges on customs. 

We offer Sezzle and also allow you to use up to $25 of your Hen House Rewards on this slot purchase. We cannot stack coupon codes. 

Once your invoice is sent, there is a $50 fee for changing your mind due to slowing down production. 

Once your payment is processed, we cannot make any changes to your custom order. 

Once paid, custom orders take between 4-7 business days. This time frame is subject to change. You will be notified immediately if more time is needed.

Once you have purchased a spot, we will message you to clarify your choices and invoice accordingly. 

Options to consider and have ready to discuss on the call are as follows:  

Current Styles of Bags:

The style Options listed in the Drop Down Menu are the only design options available.  Please do not request designs outside of this list.  We are only fulfilling these designs.  To complete your set, you can add accessories to coordinate that would not be considered a bag such as a wallet, catchall, or feather tassel. 

Current Leather Options: 

The listed Leather Colors are below, please put in the notes what you would like, and where - we will confirm if it will work and make any recommendations based on the specific bag style and types of leather chosen. 

Here is an example of what to put in the notes: 

I would like a Dolly bag with Chestnut front, chestnut back with black pocket on the back, bronze hardware, black straps, 16 inch Chestnut fringe ( 2 sides fading chestnut to black possible), with a matching Black wallet with chestnut inside and matching black with bronze small catchall and double feather to match. Thank you. 

These Leather Options Available Only for this Opportunity (subject to change): 


Charger Red
Hot Honey 
Dirty Whiskey 
Dark Teal
Dusty Mauve
Party Pink
Atlantic Blue
Iowa Sky (limited)
Black with Metallic Blue Reverse Side
Vegetable Tan with Silver Reverse Side


For Fringe only (limited):

Metallic Blue
Soft Gold
Silver Dusted Mint


What color would you like? We can add emboss strips (emboss options are the same as the specialty strap listings) to most bags.  We can add a chevron overlay to the backpack and midwestern tote options. 

*We do not gaurantee specific colors.  We offer a variety of leather colors, but cannot gaurantee we have all options at all times.  Please see above for current options. 

Which of our smooth leather colors would you like? Would you like a different color for the pocket? 

If you are wanting fringe on your bag, please let us know which color you'd like, and whether you'd like 12, 16, or 24 inch fringe.  We will not add fringe to shorty tote, full size tote, duffel, carly or Getaway bags at this time.  Getaway bags can recieve angel fringe, but not side fringe.  Dolly Bags can recieve Quad Fringe or Signature Fringe. 

Silver or Bronze?  

Which color for your straps or handles? Are we adding any specialty straps? Current strap options are Black, Dark Brown, or Cognac.  please see the Specialty Strap listings for options as well.  This is your time to get a different color of strap on a smooth leather bag! 

Strap length - Do you need your shoulder straps longer? Crossbody longer? Backback straps longer? Adding a crossbody to the Tote? 

*We do not add crossbody straps to Getaway bags or Daisy bags. 

***Please add any helpful information in the notes section that will help us get your perfect bag started for you! *** 

Communication for this custom bag build will take place via email with Jill directly. 

*If you are unable to make a final decision and complete payment on your invoice within 48 hours of purchase without justified reason, your custom spot purchase will be forfeited.  If after multiple attempts, we do not hear back from you after this 48 hour window, we will close your custom spot and your order will not be refunded. 

Once we finalize your choices - we will send a final invoice for your review and payment.  Payment of the invoice is due within 24 hours of reciept.  Changes are subject to the fees outlined above.  

By clicking "accept terms and conditions" you agree to the information in this listing as well as our general terms and conditions.