Here's our tips for taking care of your luxury leather goods.

Daily Sun

With great care, our handcrafted leather goods can last well beyond our lifetimes.  With using daily, the leather will look and feel more beautiful, soaking up the sun.  The first scratch is a tough one - we know, but with time, these natural age marks, dings, and patinas will become a beautiful tapestry just as original as you.
How to Wear 
Be sure to wear your cowhide bags with the hide facing away from you to avoid friction on the hide.  Friction will cause hair-loss over time.  We also recommend not carrying it frequently on the same arm as other bags, again - unless the cowhide is facing out -- rubbing on another bag will also cause hair loss.  This is completely normal with any cowhide product, but can be minimized by wearing with the cowhide facing away from your body and other bags. 

Condition Occasionally

We recommend applying a leather conditioner when it feels like the leather needs it.  Your leather will start to feel a bit stiffer than usual, or notice it feels dry.  If you use your  bag daily, this may happen every few months, or could be more or less often depending on your use and environment. Our favorite conditioner is Chamberlain's brand leather conditioner and healing balm. Use a soft t-shirt type rag to rub a small amount of conditioner throughout. A little goes a long way. 

Spill and Waterproof

You might want to apply a waterproofing spray or conditioner for some extra protection if your bag may be exposed to rain, kiddos, water bottles, etc. We recommend Chamberlains water proofer.  Use t-shirt style or lint free cloth to rub throughout, a little is all you need. 

Clean as Needed 

Did your item get a bit dirty? Stay away from harsh chemicals or wipes.  Gently wipe off any excess spill with a dry cloth. Then, clean it up with leather specific cleaner - we like Chamberlain's leather cleaner, or Saddle Soap from Fieblings.  Remember to be gentle, no scrub brushes, just a soft cloth. 

For Cowhide - simply use a baby wipe to clean off lint or general debris, damp cloth for deeper dirt, and brush/blow dry until the hide returns to it's soft state. 

Handle your leather with care and it will be there for you, for years to come. 


To avoid creasing leather and accumulating dust.  Store your handbags by placing them in a JH Dust cover, and use one of our bag hangers to ensure the straps are hanging wrinkle free.  

Happy Trails, 

- Jill 

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