About JH

JH started with just one person, and that is Jill. In early 2018, I made my start in leather crafting by making my own leather earrings. At the time, it was purely a side hobby and something that I did for the simple joy it gave me. However, I soon had many people reaching out to me and asking if I could make them their own set of earrings.

This quickly became a true side hustle, and I began selling my leather earrings and bracelets at our local farmer’s markets. Fast forward a few years and I’ve built an entire collection of leather pieces, including a full collection of women’s handbags and accessories. Today, our small (all women) workshop crew and I work together as a team to create the beautiful, diverse collection we offer today. We know you will love our products as much as we enjoy the process of creating them and bringing them to life.