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Car Scent Re-Charge Spray

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Recharge your car scents with these re-spray bottles! 

Spray a heavy coat on both sides of your leather tag for best results. We recommend laying the leather over a paper towel on a plate or a plastic bag as the spray is oil based and will cause discoloring of porous surfaces like fabric. 

Scent descriptions: 

Man’s Man – Teakwood, cologne, and Outdoors.

Girl’s Night -  Amber, soft driftwood, and an all around soft scent that reminds you of getting ready for a night out with your best girlfriends.

Shiplap – A warm, soft scent that reminds you of walking into a house, freshly decorated by Joanna Gaines.  Notes of vanilla and hardwood.

Clean Sheets – You know the smell, clean line dried sheets on a sunny day? This. Is. It.

Grandpa’s Truck – You will recognize this and be taken back to the days you hopped into grandpa’s truck to go to town for coffee with the other farmers.  Notes of tobacco, cherry, and all around like getting a hug from your favorite guy.

Cocktail Hour - Raspberry Sangria and your best girlfriends! 


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