Adjustable Crossbody Straps - 48" & 56"



Need an extra strap?  We have you covered!  

If you need an extra strap or maybe need to add a longer strap to your collection, you are in the right place.   These straps can also serve as backpack straps.  We use 40 inch straps on our backpacks, so if you need longer ones, grab 2 of these for extra room! 

You can request a longer strap - up to 60 inches - but we cannot gaurantee that we have a long enough piece for 60 inches, so they are not "officially" listed.  If you would like a 60 inch strap, please put that in the notes  - we will look through all of our straps and find one if we can, but the longest we can safely gaurantee is 56 inches.