Bison Custom Bags

Our Bison Hide Bag Selection Page is being re-built! We will have our options available soon! 

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Bison hides make the most beautiful and unique bags! 

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A little bit about the hide:

Bison hides are not the same as cowhide.  Bison technically have wool, not hair like cattle do.  It is very thick yet still remains very soft and fluffy.  We feature winter hides which means the wool is long and full, creating a very beautiful and luxurious feel.  The colors are consistently dark chocolate to a more high-lighted golden color with occasional rust or mustard undertones and in the darkest places, some black. 

Curating these hides has been a labor of love at JH.  We sought out a local Iowan who raises Bison, and were very excited to be able to have the hides tanned right here in Iowa and were able to work with the herd manager as well as the tannery to create a softer tempered hide, meaning the suede side is more supple and not stiff like you would want in a rug. 

It takes several months from the time a hide is sent to the tannery for us to receive it as a finished hide.  Then begins the process of selecting the perfect spot for a one-of-a-kind JH hide bag. 

It takes several people just to scout the perfect spot, to cut it, press and sew the bag together.

Our Bison hide bag collection is very exclusive and very limited.  Therefore, we are only taking custom orders for these specialty items.

We are thrilled to offer these unique, luxurious hide bags and hope you love then as much as we do!